Knee Pain

Working from a state of the art private orthopaedic clinic in Brighton and Hove, South East England, Spring Orthopaedic Group offer the best in expert diagnosis and treatment for all symptoms of knee pain.

Knee Pain Diagnosis

Symptoms of knee pain can be caused by a number of conditions and rapid diagnosis is a key factor in the success of treatment. The most common cause of knee pain are knee meniscal (cartilage) injuries, knee ligament injuries and knee arthritis. Your Spring Orthopaedic knee specialist will ask a number of questions to diagnose the condition accompanied by diagnostic imaging if necessary to inform you of the best route for treatment.

Knee Pain Treatment

Once a Spring knee specialist has diagnosed your condition, a tailored treatment plan will be confirmed which varies from patient to patient but typically can range from physiotherapy and steroid injections to keyhole surgery or joint replacement surgery which is standard treatment for arthritic knees. For further information on specific conditions, please choose a topic from the left.