Hand Pain

Spring Orthopaedic Group offer the very best in expert diagnosis and treatment of hand pain in Brighton and Hove. At a consultation with a Spring Orthopaedic consultant, you will experience true excellence in care in the surroundings of a modern hospital environment.

Hand Pain Diagnosis

Hand pain can be caused by a number of conditions and our consultants have access to the latest diagnostic technology to find the cause of your symptoms. You may suffer from a number of conditions which cause hand pain, however the most common include carpal tunnel syndrome, dupuytrens, thumb base arthritis, trigger finger and wrist arthritis.

Hand Pain Treatment

Treatment for the symptoms of hand pain will vary dependent on the severity of your condition but can involve rest of the affected joint, splinting or steroid injections. For patients who have more persistent symptoms of hand pain, a small operation may be required, however your consultant will advise of the best route for treatment.