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Spring has a number of consultant trauma specialists in Brighton and Sussex to treat all symptoms of musculoskeletal trauma such as limb injuries, infection management and reconstruction.

Fracture Diagnosis

Our trauma specialists are happy to provide you with a second opinion as there are many available treatment options for fractures and injuries. Our trauma experts will ensure you are provided with an evidence-based approach to the management of your injury or fracture. In addition we see many skiing injuries and would highly recommend speaking to us first before accepting any treatment abroad. We most often require x-rays and CT scans to manage most injuries.

Fracture Treatment

Our trauma experts will always prioritise immediate weight bearing and early range of motion exercises to ensure your best outcome. Our trauma experts work in the Major Trauma Centre and are referred the most complex cases from around the region so you can be assured you will receive the best treatment.

Non-union (not healing), mal-union (healing in an unacceptable position) and infection are risks associated with the management of fractures. Our trauma experts would be happy to provide you with an opinion and manage these complications for you.

Spring clinicians

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